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Colville Community Health Trust (CCHT) & Colville Social Service Collective (CSSC) are working together to achieve the best outcomes for the communities   in the northern Coromandel Peninsula.



Northern Coromandel communities that have the infrastructure to support the provision of services  and opportunities which contribute to their long-term wellbeing & sustainability.



To develop and build community facilities which enable ongoing    community access to a wide range of services and           accommodation options.


Colville Community Health Trust (CCHT) has been working for over 8 years to build a targeted health facility in Colville Village.  After working together informally for many years, in 2016, CCHT formally partnered with Colville Social Service Collective (CSSC) to strengthen the management team and further the project. 

Why did we review the scope of the project?

The need for a targeted health facility remains, and has been clearly established and supported by our communities. However, in addition, a thorough analysis of the census data from the last two census periods was conducted.  This data was compared between the two periods and with the overall data from the Waikato Region.  


This process highlighted key trends and areas of need. Consultation results, and feedback received over the past few years has also been analysed and needs and aspirations were identified from this process too.  


Needs the reviewed project scope responds to include:    


Remoteness, isolation and lack of access to services    

High levels of social deprivation    

A substantially aging population    

High levels of no or only school-level qualifications    

High increases in unemployment    

Low levels of existing industry    

High number of households within the low-income  bracket    

High increases in the number of people whose income is derived from a government benefit or pension    

Low levels of available rental housing    

High increases in private rental rates and little access to social housing    

Poor access to telecommunications

The Colville Project is now registered with the Companies Office as a Charitable Trust, and will soon be a charitable organisation registered with The Charities Commission.  The Trustees for the new Trust will be

Representing CCHT:

Kate Armstrong & Jo Herbert


Representing CSSC:

Bronwyn Blair & Frederick Church

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